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A car is shipped on it’s own in a sealed 20’ container from the warehouse near Barking / East London to Auckland, Tauranga, Napier, Wellington, and Christchurch. Ships normally sail every week taking 6–8 weeks and any car contents travel free of charge. It can take a further 1 to 2 weeks before a car is ready to be registered to be used on the road in New Zealand.

A booking is made by completing our shipment booking form and can be made up to 3 months or as little as 1 week before shipment. A copy of the UK registration document V5C is required.

All vehicles entering New Zealand must be checked and entry certified by an approved NZ testing station before they can be registered and licensed. There are various exemptions from some of the regulations and a few vehicles may require a statement of compliance from the car manufacturer in New Zealand. Very few vehicles would not be able to be imported and it is recommended that vehicle details are checked with an NZ entry certifier prior to shipment.

The costs in the UK are for shipping and marine insurance payable before the day of sailing by UK cheque or bank transfer. In NZ costs are payable for the statement of compliance (if required), port fees and container unpacking, customs clearance, quarantine inspection and possibly cleaning, entry certification and warrant of fitness, annual registration and driving insurance.

New Zealand taxes on most cars are 0% duty and 15% Goods and Services Tax (GST). GST is payable on the UK purchase price less a depreciation allowance based on how long the car has been owned + the cost of shipment.

GST-free entry is allowed for first time permanent residents owning and using a vehicle for over 12 months before shipment, or NZ nationals that have been away from New Zealand for more than 21 months and owned and used a car for more than 12 months.

Items packed inside a car travel free of charge. A list of goods is required at destination and these would be customs cleared separately from the vehicle.

A guide to the total costs (excluding any tax) would be about £1,350–1,400 shipping, £100–300 marine insurance, NZ$2,250–2,750 in New Zealand to include port and unpacking charges, customs and MAF fees and entry certification and registration.


  • Read our website
  • Contact us for a written quotation and an emailed information pack
  • Check the model of car is NZ-approved and the chassis / VIN plate to see if a statement of compliance is required – if needed then apply to New Zealand for a frontal impact and safety compliance letter
  • Decide to ship a car and send to us a completed shipping form
  • We arrange the export
  • The car is handed to us and we ship it to New Zealand
  • We email the shipping papers to you
  • Shipping papers are put together with the compliance letter (if required) and all your car papers for the entry certifier when the car arrives
  • An agent can assist with the import
  • Pay any import tax
  • The entry certifier takes the car away for testing and then it can be collected from them and be registered.

Further information, including a guide to prices and useful website and contact addresses, can be found in the New Zealand Info Pack (PDF).