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  • For a personal quotation of all the costs and requirements of shipping and importing a car to New Zealand use our online quotation form or call Richard on 01525 851545.
  • Cars in New Zealand are generally more expensive than in the UK, especially modern European models and luxury / prestige cars.
  • We have been shipping cars by safe and secure container from our private East London / Barking warehouse to New Zealand for over 30 years.
  • Shipping can be arranged in less than a week and vessels from the UK sail weekly taking 6–7 weeks to Auckland, Tauranga, Napier, Wellington and Christchurch.
  • It can take 1–2 weeks in New Zealand to clear customs and quarantine and then pass entry certification and register a car.
  • All vehicles and paperwork go through a thorough check upon arrival in New Zealand which is called entry certification. Entry certification is easier for personal imports.
  • A personal import is a car owned and used for 12 months prior to shipment and are generally easy to register in New Zealand with no import taxes payable.
  • Cars that are not personal imports must be either over 20 years old or at least Euro 4 emission compliant which is almost all cars up to 10 years old.
  • Any items packed inside a vehicle would travel free of charge and would clear customs and quarantine separately from the car.
  • Fuel does not have to be drained prior to shipment and batteries can be left safely connected.
  • UK costs are shipping at about £1,450–1,550 and Lloyds of London marine insurance cover at up to 2% of the car value.
  • The shipping and insurance costs cover everything from the UK through to the arrival port but none of the New Zealand charges all payable at destination.
  • Destination costs payable in New Zealand to import and register a car are about NZ$3,000–$3,500.
  • New Zealand import taxes are 0% duty on cars + 15% GST on a depreciated car value + shipping cost (no taxes are payable on a car that qualifies as a personal import).
  • A personal import only remains free of tax if it is owned for 2 years after importation. Returning New Zealanders have to have been away for at least 21 months to qualify.
  • The New Zealand import requirements are quite straightforward especially for cars up to about 10 years old or for any car qualifying as a personal import.
  • We have agents in New Zealand that assist and handle all of the arrival formalities from vessel arrival through to registration.
  • Once a vessel has sailed the shipping and insurance documents along with arrival instructions are emailed and posted along with copies to the destination agent.
  • Full track and trace facilities are available of both the container and the ship from the time the container is loaded through to arrival at destination.
  • To book a shipment use our online booking form on our website. Payment is due at the time of shipment by bank transfer or cheque or at any bank.

For detailed information regarding shipping your car to New Zealand please see the pages accessible via the main menu.

Full, printable information covering everything on this website and more, including a guide to prices and useful website and contact addresses, can be found in the New Zealand Info Pack (PDF).

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