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We value your business and hope that we can carry out your forthcoming shipment. Whilst we take every care to ensure that your vehicle and belongings arrive safely at their destination we strongly recommend that you take advantage of marine insurance cover.

We will look after your vehicle to the best of our ability but unfortunately accidents do occasionally happen. You are insured with Lloyds of London but naturally there have to be some conditions and exclusions and there are some circumstances that cannot be covered. In order for us to have arranged marine insurance cover you must declare to us the value of your vehicle. If you do not give us a valuation or decline marine insurance cover then our liability will default to Limited Liability. The declared value should represent the replacement value at destination otherwise ‘average’ could apply to any claim.

Policy Coverage: Accidental damage, destruction, theft and physical loss, subject to the policy clauses, conditions and exclusions.

In respect of all shipments the following clauses apply, except the war clauses that only apply to waterborne / air movements:

  • Institute Cargo Clauses (A)
  • Institute Cargo Clauses (Air) (Excluding sendings by post)
  • Institute War Clauses (Cargo)
  • Institute War Clauses (Air Cargo) (Excluding sendings by post)
  • Institute War Clauses (Sendings by post)
  • Institute Strikes Clauses (Cargo)
  • Institute Strikes Clauses (Air Cargo)
  • Institute Classification Clause
  • Institute Replacement Clause
  • Institute Radioactive Contamination, Chemical, Biological, Bio-Chemical and Electromagnetic Weapons Exclusion Clause
  • Institute Cyber Attack Exclusion Clause

Correct Valuation: In the event of the actual value being greater than the declared value the marine insurance cover shall only bear such proportion of the loss as the declared value bears to the total value of the vehicle.


Limit: As declared and evidenced by the customer prior to shipment but in no event exceeding GBP 100,000 any one vehicle.

Excess: £250 each and every loss (£500 for vehicles over 10 years old) or 1% of the insured value whichever is greater.

Exclusions: Excluding loss or damage whilst under own power except for loading and unloading.

Excluding third party liability.

Excluding electrical and mechanical derangement unless caused by an insured peril.

Duration: Cover incepts from the time the customers property is in the care, custody and control of the Assured and continues until such property is delivered to the consigned location and/or where the Assured’s care, custody and control ceases.


In the unlikely event of any damage then please notify the local Lloyd’s of London office immediately at destination (full contact details appear on your marine insurance certificate). Under NO circumstances give a clean receipt except under written protest if the vehicle or goods are in doubtful condition – without this any insurance claim you make will be declined. If you appoint an Agent or Third Party to collect the vehicle on your behalf then they likewise must obtain the required damage notification. TO REPEAT: YOU MUST OBTAIN AN OUT-TURN POST-SHIPMENT VEHICLE CONDITION REPORT COMPLETED AT THE TIME THE VEHICLE WAS HANDED OVER FROM THE CONTAINER and not one completed at a later date after the vehicle was collected by you or your Agent. Apply immediately for a survey at the docks / unpacking warehouse by carrier’s (shipping line) representative if any loss or damage is apparent at the docks / unpacking warehouse. Claim on the carrier, port authority or any negligent party for damage or omissions. You should attempt where possible to obtain estimates for repair or replacement. Send all correspondence with carrier’s or other negligent parties along with as many details as possible including photographs to the loss adjuster / local Lloyd’s of London office at destination.