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A car is shipped on its own in a sealed 20’ container from our private warehouse near Barking / East London to Kwai Chung port in Hong Kong. Ships normally sail every week taking 4–5 weeks and any items packed inside a car travel free of charge. It can take a further 2 to 4 weeks in Hong Kong for clearance and entry checks along with tests and paperwork authorisation before a car is ready to be registered to be used on the road.

A booking is made by completing our shipment booking form and can be made up to 3 months or as little as 1 week before shipment. Cars cannot be shipped if there is finance still outstanding.

The costs in the UK are for shipping and Lloyds of London marine insurance payable before the day of sailing by UK cheque or bank transfer. In Hong Kong costs are payable for:

  • local shipping line
  • port fees and container unpacking
  • customs clearance and handling
  • import declarations
  • moving the vehicle from the port to and from the government test centre
  • possible emissions and noise tests
  • roadworthy test and inspection licensing
  • number plates and driving insurance.

Hong Kong registration taxes are levied on the total cost / value of the car once it has arrived in Hong Kong – the purchase price + the cost of any improvements + the shipping costs. The tax rate is 40% for the first HK$150,000 of value, 75% for the next HK$150,000, 100% for the next HK$200,000 and 115% on any balance over and above this. If the vehicle has been owned and used in the UK then a depreciation allowance of 25% per year is applied.

Vehicles not qualifying as a personal import (a vehicle owned and used for a minimum of 6 months in the UK prior to shipment) or as a classic car may require modification in Hong Kong in order to meet emission and noise standards. Left-hand drive (LHD) cars and almost all diesel cars are prohibited from being imported to Hong Kong.

Any items or personal / household effects packed inside a car travel free of charge and at the owner’s risk. A list of such goods is required by customs and these would be cleared separately from the vehicle.

A guide to the total costs (excluding registration tax and import declaration) is as follows:

  • £1,000–1,200 car shipping costs
  • £200–400 marine insurance
  • HK$6,000–8,000 in Hong Kong to cover port, haulage, unpacking, and customs charges
  • HK$6,000–8,000 for other fees, including a Hong Kong agent to handle the importation and registration on your behalf.

Full, printable information covering everything on this website and more, including a guide to prices and useful website and contact addresses, can be found in the Hong Kong Info Pack (PDF).

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