KARMAN SHIPPING LTD, originally established in 1984 by Richard Korge, is a car shipping and forwarding agent specialising in the shipment of motor vehicles from the UK to Australia, New Zealand, and Hong Kong.

Here in the UK our offices are located in Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire. We have private warehouse facilities near Barking, just to the east of London, for the preparation and packing of vehicles into containers.

Our normal services include the collection or receiving of motor vehicles here in the UK, preparation for shipment, packing and securing of the vehicle into a container, export documentation, payment of UK port and handling charges and ocean freight through to arrival at the port of destination. We also arrange comprehensive marine insurance cover with Lloyds of London.

We also recommend reliable agents at destination who have been specifically selected for their specialist knowledge concerning the procedure for importing vehicles.

To proceed with the shipment of a motor vehicle, we would only require for one of our application for shipping space forms (booking form) to be completed. Once shipment has been effected the shipping and marine insurance documents, along with our instructions concerning the clearance and delivery of the car at the destination port, are forwarded to the overseas address well in advance of the vessel’s arrival date. We would require payment in the UK before shipment.

Many of the things that are now expected of a motor vehicle shipping agent originated at Karman Shipping. It all began back in 1984, on December 3rd to be precise. That was the day the ‘specialist car shipper’ was born. It was one of the first customers who best described the services provided by this new freight forwarding company:

“… in these days of slipshod workmanship and shoddy service, it really is a delight to deal with an
outfit like Karman Shipping.”

1. The vehicle is prepared for shipment.2. The vehicle is loaded into the container
3. The vehicle is carefully secured.4. Once loaded the container is sealed.
5. The container is loaded onto the ship.6. The container is shipped.

Richard is a top bloke, car was put in the container and secured no damage to the vehicle and very well cared for.

Contact Richard Korge at Karman Shipping. He’ll provide all the information you need and a quote for the shipping, … I’ve just sent my car via Richard, incredibly helpful chap.

Dear Richard,
I want to take the time to offer you and Karman a very big thank you. Your service and industry knowledge are simply outstanding and your level of communication in particular should be held up as a benchmark for any person or organisation in business today … If anyone is shipping a vehicle from the UK, I do offer my full recommendation to use Karman, my experience was very positive, seamless, without stress and I know the next time I use your service, that I will not be worrying about any aspect of the shipment at all, I will again be in very good hands.
Adrian Snow

Hi Richard
Great, thank you for this! Thank you for all your help it has been really appreciated and both mum and I have been very impressed with you, your staff and the service.
Kind regards,

Hi Richard
Man, you are organised!
Bank transfer has been completed (see attached form). See also attached Condition Report.
Thanks for making it so hassle free.

Hi Richard
… You guys were great and I will thoroughly recommend you if I get the chance. …
Stan Rogers

Good Morning Richard,

 Everything went without any hitches at all. The car arrived in perfect condition was cleared and handed over to me without any hassle or delay. Grant Hudson’s office and the team at the warehouse all played their part perfectly. The car sailed through compliance and is now on the road much to my wife’s delight (it’s her car)
. My thanks once again it was a pleasure, as always, dealing with you and Karman Shipping.

Kind regards and best wishes,

Peter Dunlop

Great news – you guys are GOOD !!
Many thanks,